While having a regular day-time job I have also spent some time freelancing and having fun with web in general. I have build a few Wordpress sites as well as hand-coded some php websites. Working on independent projects gives me a chance to try new things and just take my time to go crazy.


Karski Family Official

  • Single page parallax scrolling
  • Heavily animated & Mobile friendly
  • Bootstrap & videographs
  • Customized WP theme
Tablet Screen Karski
Mobile Screen Karski
Large Screen Karski


Nowe MEble Music

  • Hand-coded PHP
  • Fluid responsive Layout
  • Custom HTML5 mp3 player
  • Snap.js mobile toolbar
Nowe MEble Thumbnail

Funkenstein the Band

  • WP theme from scratch
  • Responsive & mobile friendly
  • Over 35 pages of content
  • Rockstar - lead vocals
Funkenstein Thumbnail