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When I was 8 years old I didn’t want to become a fireman, I wanted to hack my Commodore 64. The plan was that it would be a control hub for my family home. It was supposed to control the lights, change and record TV channels, have a calendar connected to the fridge...

10 years later I was thinking I would make a great architect, I could design my own house with a private skate park. I wasn’t a top pupil at secondary school just because my skateboarding career seemed to have been more important at the time.

College years were so awesome. I studied English Linguistics (which was actually fun) and I was a local Rock Star. Some say I was only ‘Rock’ cos I wasn’t much of a star. So be it, still it was me up there on the stage not them. I will always cherish these moments performing with my band, best experience ever.

The age of internet has came around at the time giving a whole new lot of infinite possibilities. Finally I was able to combine and develop all my aspirations, thanks to a chunky box with an ethernet cable. This was when I realized that me and the interwebs are a match for life. People were saying that you could in fact get paid for doing all that. I must admit it sounded like a pretty good idea.

On top of all that, I was also lucky enough to marry a geek like me. Life is good and thank you all for being there for me. Rain or shine. Cheers!

Particular set of skills Skills I have acquired over the years

Key Skills

I am a Front End Developer and Designer with over 5 years commercial experience. Loving what I do, it becomes so easy to acquire new skills and keep on advancing. For what it's worth I am always thirsty for more. Find a snapshot of my talents below please.

Developer skills

  • 99% Responsive
  • 95% HTML5
  • 95% CSS3
  • 80% Hand-coding
  • 70% Cross-browser
  • 65% GIT
  • 35% jQuery
  • 20% PHP
  • 40% SEO

Designer tools

  • Photoshop IconPhotoshop
  • Netbeans IDE IconNetbeans IDE
  • Concrete5 IconConcrete5
  • Illustrator IconIllustrator
  • Sublime Text 3 IconSublime Text 3
  • Analytics IconAnalytics
  • Dreamweaver IconDreamweaver
  • Wordpress IconWordpress
  • Office 365 IconOffice 365

Additional assets

  • Bootstrap
  • Team Managment
  • Accessibility
  • Git Repositories
  • Project Managment
  • Linguistics
  • Sass
  • Video Production
  • Etiquette

My favourite works Like I could fit 5 years in 3168 lines of code


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